"I liked him. He snapped the ball out in left field, a rocket. Really quick feet over there, quick action. A live body, for sure. Took some good rips up there.” Twins Manager Ron Gardenhireon his one-game fill-in Eduardo Nunez. Nunez is normally an infielder, and was purchased from the New York Yankees because of his greater proficiency as a hitter over the incumbent Twins SS, Pedro Florimon. Time is likely ticking on the Florimon Era as the starter.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Great Tony Rice - Freeborn Man - Bluegrass for 1960's setting

For excellent background ambience as you read my 1968 St. Petersburg Twins post - which I strongly encourage since I worked SO hard on it! Think: late 60's Florida! Hope you enjoy!

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Jim Barleycorn said...

Twinkler, this is the coolest video in all the whole world. It has everything to do with baseball you know. I will let everyone know the exact connection in my next blog. Til then everyone has to guess. Prize to the one who gets it or comes closest.
J. Barleycorn