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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Classic Twins Game of The Week: 19-12 Smackdown of White Sox - Sunday, June 26, 1977

Our man Glenn, on his 1978 Topps Card:
the unofficial holder of all-time Twins
 warning track flyouts!  Uncanny,
 his ability to find the fielder's glove!
Craig "Mongo" Kusick and Sir Rodney
[EDITED MAY 20, 2012]
The June 26, 1977 game boxscore is a Twins fan's delight. There were 14 rbi's just for Rod Carew(6) and Glenn Adams (8, the team individual player record) alone!

Adams was bought from the San Francisco Gigantes the previous Dec. 6, to DH and play a statue-like rightfield.  This was his career game for sure, going 4 for 5, totaling 8 total bases.

I remember being at this game with my Uncle Jake, and cousin's Bill and Bob. Marvelous timing on our part, as this was the same game in which Carew went over the .400 mark for the first time that season. The feat was announced on the team's magnificent, but cheesy, Twins-O-Gram Scoreboard (story link). Rod gives some insight into his feelings about this day at Baseball Digest entry from 1986.

Perhaps forgotten in the game recap was that Twins starter Bill Butler was removed after 2-plus innings, and St. Paul-born "closer" Tommy Johnson (who had an otherwise excellent year in '77) finished the contest with 6.2 innings of relief.  He shut down the Pale Hose with a line of 10 hits, 2 walks, 7 earned runs, 6 k's and two homeruns.  Git 'er done, indeed!

The buildup to .400 had been tremendously exciting, and rival teams and managers were as captivated by Carew's hot streak as we fans:

Both above clips, Spartenburg Herald

May Your Taters Fly Far!
Twinkler Out


Anonymous said...

Listened to this game on the radio, and will never forget it.

--Chris Schons

jdgoeke said...

I also was at this game. The father of one of my high school friends drove us up from northeast Iowa for the game that day. We sat out in the sunshine in the left field lower deck.
Do I remember correctly that someone tried to climb the left field foul pole that day? Does anyone else remember that?
It was a great day to be a Twins fan at the old Met!

-Jim Goeke

TWINS TWINKLER! (so named as "TT" was title of player features in Minn. Twins game programs of 1960's) said...

Jim, for some reason, my memory is pretty vague about the pole-climbing incident. Probably because was so bizarre, my not understanding why someone would have done so. As it turns out, the fan responsible was none other than Minnesota Twins and sports historian S tew Thornley. He was a teenager in '77, and a drunk one at that. He has gone on to a pretty interesting life (see site - ), and is now one of the Twins official scorers. You can read a ton of things on him at his web site: Oddly enough, I saw no mention of that game anywhere at this site.