Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jerry Koosman & The '79 Twins Promo Video

Jerry Koosman became the Twins staff ace in the first year, A.D., after the Carew trade. After viewing this video on another website, I remember why I loved seeing him pitch:
He had an excellent curveball, could change speeds, and had a decent fastball even with his twelve years of baseball seniority, breaking in with strikeouts of Willie Mays and the Giants in his debut. Every bit the pitcher, the mound craftsman Greg Maddux would be, later in the 90's. Along with Kenny Landreaux and John Castino, he gave you a reason to remain a Twins fan after team president Calvin Griffith dumped all his high salary stars in the late 70's. It was wonderful to have an established star on the pitching staff, what with his World Series stardom with the Mets. Ron "Poppa Jack" Jackson ("Tell 'em like it is, Kooo-zzz") and toothy Roger Erickson are humorous as hell in this clip, as is Roy Smalley. He looks as if he's about to menace the camera man with his Louisville Slugger!

I rather enjoy how Landreaux eclipses Koosman with 
his commendable afro at the start of the video! Scene stealin'!

He would hurl one of the "25 Best Pitched Twins Games" all-time, on Sept. 4, 1980. Off subject: I recall working with his teenage daughter at the local horse track, years later. She was Scandinavian pretty, well-groomed, and classy - all you would expect of the female offspring of a top major league chucker. Minnesotan Jerry Koosman, the country boy who was an Amazin' Met, the '69 Series, yadda-yadda. That part didn't hurt at all, either.

Memories that should make me turn over constantly in my sleep tonight, for good and ill.

As good ol' Herbie Carneal used to say: "So long, everybody!" - TT

Koooz's 1979 stats:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ben Revere and the Twins Twinkler: Hitting The Wall

Like Ben Revere vs. Alex Avila in this Aug. 16, 2011 game, I've hit the wall in the last month, posting at an all-time low. Family endeavors, choir, have thrown creation of new content into deep freeze.  It hurts down to my sanitary hose not sharing cool stuff from theTwins vault!
Revere took time the next morning to text his reaction!
Enjoy the MLB, full-sequence edition below!
But unlike Ben, I'm not stuck in perpetual loop, and am looking forward to a respite in extracurriculars. Regular posting will return! To wit: 
  • A comparison of Josh Willingham's great start of his Twins career to another leftfielder from the team's past, with some surprising similarities. 
  • Plus another post devoted to some of the all-time greatest offensive seasons in Twins history! 
As Twins broadcasting legend Herb Carneal would say: "So long, everybody! - TT