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The Naming of The Twins: Nov. 26, 1960

On this day 54 years ago, Calvin Griffith announced his decision to name the new Minnesota franchise that was relocating to the Minneapo...

Reelin' In The Years: The Many Sides of The Dutchman, Bert Blyleven

Photo from Evansville Courant, May 1970 while at AAA.
"His name is Bert R. Blyleven and he should cause a ripple among 
Evansville's mini-skirted teen-agers. Bert will turn 19 on Monday. 
He has amane of curly chestnut hair and good looks enough
for membership in the Mod Squad."
1973 Sporting News
"Oh, [DANG IT ALL], I messed it up..."
Whatever is going on in the broadcast booth this year, one can only
hope Bert will wander into Cooperstown with all his faculties in
delivering his acceptance speech.

Grizzley Adams Bert
Rookie Bert: 1970, the year after he was drafted.

Circa, 1985
We are Family Bert, 1979
1972 Twins Yearbook

Circa 1987 
With Jeff Idelson and Jane Forbes Clark (Hall Of Fame) and Bud Selig, 2011

"My fellow Americans, it really wasn't me who
did all those hotfoots. I am NOT a crook."

With Pat Gillick and Roberto Alomar

Life at the Hall of Fame level..."How sweet it is!"