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The Steve Howe Files

I created this page as a grab-bag of resources on Steve Howe. Hope some of it proves useful!

Very absorbing article about Steve and his family here. Gives more than the one-dimensional view of "Steve Howe, drug addict" that conventional news stories push about him. He had a family that loved him. Thanks to Evan Bladh at Opinions of Kingman's Performance blog for the tip....

Steve Howe's 1985 Twins Game-By-Game Record


20Aug 12(2)OAKW,5-46-9BW(2-1)443.21000101237021001

21Aug 14(1)OAKL,0-58-GF11.1300010730011000

22Aug 16SEAL,5-66-8BL(2-2)12.24331101334022201

23Aug 18SEAL,2-77-710.13331005100111007t 1-- 0 out d37t 1-3 1 out d6
24Aug 20MILL,2-39-9BL(2-3)10.01201003100110009b 1-- 0 out a29b 1-3 0 out tie
25Aug 21MILL,2-39-9L(2-4)00.12111004011000009b --- 0 out tie9b 123 1 out tie
26Aug 27TORL,0-88-950.24210105000111008t -2- 2 out d59t 1-- 1 out d8
27Aug 30BOSL,3-77-720.02110002000220007t 12- 0 out d17t 1-3 0 out d3
28Sep 1BOSL,3-107-GF13.031113014340001007t --- 0 out d69t end d 7
29Sep 3MILW,4-36-GFW(3-4)13.200011012820200006t 12- 1 out d19t end a 1
30Sep 6TORL,3-86-GF(8)22.232201012620311016b 123 1 out d28b end d 5
31Sep 8TORL,9-106-610.01111012000110006b --3 1 out tie6b 1-- 1 out d2
32Sep 10CHWL,2-78-GF(8)10.21000103010210008b 1-3 1 out d48b end d 5
W-L: 1-1
3 blown
saves, 6.16
Generated 12/25/2011.
DR - Days Rest IP - Innings Pitched H - Hits/Hits Allowed R - Runs Scored/Allowed ER - Earned Runs BB - Walks SO - Strikeouts HR - Home Runs BF - Batters Faced GB - Ground Balls Includes bunts and all other ground balls. FB -Fly Balls Incl. Fly Balls, Line Drives, and Pop-Ups. LD - Line Drives These are double-counted in Fly Balls as well. IR - Inherited Runners Number of runners on base when pitcher entered the game IS - Inherited Score Number or percentage of runners on base when pitcher entered the game who subsequently scored. These runners show up in the previous pitcher’s ERA. 2B - Doubles Allowed 3B - Triples Allowed SF - Sacrifice Flies First tracked in 1954. Entered - The situation when pitcher entered game Inning top or bottom: 8b (bottom of 8th) bases occupied or start of inning: ’---’ (bases empty) score from pitching team’s perspective ahead/down and runs or tie: a4 (ahead by 4 runs) Exited - The situation when pitcher exited game Inning top or bottom: 4t (top of 4th) bases occupied, 3 outs, or end of game: ’123’ (bases loaded)score from pitching team’s perspectiveahead/down and runs or tie: d2 (down by 2 runs)

Interesting perspective on Howe at Formerly Anonymous blog.

Pre - Twins Headlines from The Los Angeles Times:

·         May 30, 1983--" Howe Has Relapse of Drug Problem ."
·         June 3, 1983--" Update on Howe: Outlook Is Upbeat. "
·         July 16, 1983--" Howe Reports Late for Game and Is Held Out. "
·         July 18, 1983--"Dodgers Say Howe Is Clean, Lift Ban ."
·         Sept. 25, 1983--" Lawyer Says Howe Needs to Get Away. "
·         Dec. 16, 1983--" Kuhn Suspends Howe for Entire '84 Season ."
·         March 3, 1985--" Steve Howe's Return. "
·         June 24, 1985--" Howe Is Late for the Game. "
·         July 1, 1985--" Howe Is a No-Show; Dodgers in the Dark. "
·         July 2, 1985--" Howe Says He Needs Another Break ."
·         July 3, 1985--"Howe May Have Finally Worn Out His Welcome. "
·         July 4, 1985--" Howe Is Released by Dodgers, Cites Pressures of L.A. "
·         Aug. 12, 1985--" Steve Howe Signs With the Twins, Says They'll Respect His Privacy. "

N.Y. Times Obit

During successful period with Yankees, 1990's.