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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mauer Doesn't Measure Up On All-Time Twins 'Do List! [May 10, 2010]

It's well known that baseball is the sport most associated with statistical data.  Information is compiled on everything. As in EVERYTHING.  The most sunflower seeds consumed in a day/night doubleheader in Milwaukee....most times batter nervously scratched privates during basesloaded at-bat with a 3-2 count.  And so on, and so forth. 

SO, while he is doing quite well with the stick and ball matters, Joe Mauer still has a long way to go if he expects to move up in the sideburns and 'stash neighborhood. Dig the splendiferous '70s mane sported by Johnny Briggs, captured for the ages in this 1976 Topps card.  Was he gettin' down under the mirror ball right after the photo spread?   DYNO-MITE!

If you think I'm using an unfair comparison, check out 1969 20-game winner Boswell's sidies. Apples to apples, right? I believe even the most freaked out Mauer minions will agree: Joe comes up short in comparison to "Pistol Packin" Dave too!

But, credit is due Joe's valient attempt at scruffiness this past spring training.  Look at how he showed up at camp ( say...are those full moonbeams I spy? HOWWWWLLLLL!!!).

Then again, some things are better left back at the shack.     Disco Dan, where are you now?   
Twinkler Out!                            

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