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Friday, June 11, 2010

Twins Memorabilia Gone Wild - Lock Up Your Trophy Cases, Clyde Doepner Might Be Lurking...

Clyde Doepner truly deserves the status as "Number 1 Twins Fan." Really, who else has been around since day one in 1961, who possesses such a grasp of Twins history and its personalities? Huh? Sure wouldn't be me, I'm too gold dang young!

Incredible collection, incredibly nice, normal-seeming guy, incredibly wonderful and understanding wife to let him go totally hog/Twins wild with all those collectibles. Faced with the same dilemna, I wouldn't blame my bride for shipping me out on the next train to Rochester*, New York, if I were...uh, that may still happen, never mind. Forget I brought it up...

Here's a Twin Cities Live Video, with a more animated Clyde, if that's possible!

*Home of Twins minor league affiliate team, the Rochester Red Wings.

May your taters fly far,
Twinkler Out!

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