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A Maestro At First: Trading For Vic Power, April 2, 1962

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Homerun Derby - Show Opening - Willie Mays vs Harmon Killebrew, 1960

[First of a 4 Part Series]
Besides the actual competition, part of the entertainment and charm of this footage are the short answers the players gave to host Mark Scott's questions. The show's opening sequence is so basic, lighthearted, even rudimentary, and therein lies part of it's charm! I hope you enjoy it!

Note for those of you with You Tube accounts: if you wish to see the "real," behind-the-scenes comments via pop-up video as they happened in 1960, just 1) click once on the video here at Classic Twins, (2) sign-in, and then (3) click on the "annotations" button to get it started!

Nice  interview with Harmon Killebrew about the famous series, and the players he competed against.

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