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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fangraph's ALDS Game One Preview For Twins vs. Yankees

ALDS Game One Preview: Minnesota

I've been trolling the Fangraphs baseball site lately. I'm not sure what in the name of Chip Hale all the numbers and acronyms are all about, but I'm pretty sure I like it. I see guys on its staff of contributing writers who are currently enrolled in college level economics and mathematics courses- pretty useful stuff if you're producing a site that basically shoves reams of game data imaginable into a great, churning vat, and blurps it all out in an orgasmic spree of meaningful analysis.

Anyhow, check out U of Wis.-Madison scholar Jack Moore's piece on the Twins vs. Yankees. Highly engrossing, more satisfying than a wad of Ballpark Chew. I'm sure he'd give my brain a mental dropkick, trying to differentiate between +WPA and -WPA. I'd most likely end up asking him if he was related to the inventor of Tom Moore soft drinks, off-balance and confused about what I could add to the baseball talk.

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