"I liked him. He snapped the ball out in left field, a rocket. Really quick feet over there, quick action. A live body, for sure. Took some good rips up there.” Twins Manager Ron Gardenhireon his one-game fill-in Eduardo Nunez. Nunez is normally an infielder, and was purchased from the New York Yankees because of his greater proficiency as a hitter over the incumbent Twins SS, Pedro Florimon. Time is likely ticking on the Florimon Era as the starter.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Twins Shrine (Video)

For your consideration: a lifetime's accumulation of Twins memorabilia.
I'm rather embarassed by it, was just creating a video to send to family
members. I decided to share it with civilization anyway.

It's heavy on Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva & Rod Carew stuff. Thoughts? If you're in my hometown, gimme a call, perhaps we can line up a quick tour.

To spin the song lyric: "You can check in anytime you like, but you (may) never leave," - no tiffany-twisted chicks, the bane of Don Henley and The Eagles, but lots of good stuff to feast your eyes on. Perhaps if I let you, you can go through the adjacent closet, and find Jarvis Brown, for example, encased in bubble, mothballs. Pretty much any & everything!

As our very own Hall-Of-Fame broadcaster would end his broadcasts:
"So long, everybody!" (Herb Carneal)


Aase said...

I feel proud to be one of the visitors to the shrine. I think it to be super cool, and and I think it's great that you shared it with your visitors to the blog. I could loan my '75 yearbook, signed by one R Carew, to the collection if need be.

TWINS TWINKLER! (so named as "TT" was title of player features in Minn. Twins game programs of 1960's) said...

Thank you, Greg! For you to loan such a great item would be beyond generous, my friend. If memory serves correctly, The Great Man signed for you as a tyke right in the Twins dugout - correct? I've never had anything signed by Rodney, so I'd be honored to display a cool piece of history from that time for you!