Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sweet Swingers: Rod Carew, Rookie

In 1967, 21 year-old Rod Carew was still just a year removed from playing A ball. He would tinker with his swing in 1968, dropping from .292 to .273, still imagining himself as a power hitter. Modifying his approach to become the line-drive hitting machine we now remember, he'd make a 59-point jump to garner his first batting title (.332) in 1969.

I love this full color shot by the great Iooss of Sports Illustrated fame. More to come from him, in the continuing "Sweet Swingers" series. Because you, my readers, deserve nothing but the best! You can also read up on Carew's April 11, 1967 debut in Baltimore at this site.

As Herb Carneal ended his broadcasts: "So long everybody!"

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