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Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Winter Mind's Meandering Towards Spring

Sometime after John Elway and the Super Bowl-bound Bronco's 26-16 dismantling of the New England Patriots, this disjointed piece of reality began to unfold in my brain...Minnesota winters can be truly debilitating, I will maintain.

Behold: the scene from old Metropolitan Stadium's right field bleachers, overlooking the new right field foul territory seating. It's from the July, 1962 cover of the Twins scorecard magazine. Oh, yes - my added effects, in case you were wondering. I think it's delirium.

With Twins Fest 2014 now 5 days away, the REAL trudge towards spring and Twins baseball begins in earnest. That means, at the moment, we're at 77 days, and 19+ hours to the first game at Target Field. Ohhhh, doctor....!

Hope you're doing better waiting than I am, presently. As the old broadcasting professional put it:
"So long, everybody!" - Herb Carneal

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