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Monday, February 22, 2010

Coming Soon! Target Field Pros & Cons Features in March!

Yes kids, let the rhapsodising begin over our own little field of dreams...I'll have several hundred words to share on the new ballpark (which, sadly, I do not as of yet have tickets to the opening games) in early March, I estimate.

I will try to bend over BACKWARDS to accommodate those saying a domed stadium was neccessary, what with cold weather and rain presenting flies in the ointment, juxtaposed with the thought that those whom are so disposed aren't 100 % red  meat-eating men and women.  Or something like that.

Until then, here's to a quick, speedy tilt of the planet on its axis, and for the return of sunshine and warmth!!

Twinkler Out!

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Jim Barleycorn said...

Your mother is going to find out about this blog. I promise.
Jim Barleycorn
Somewhere in the deep south