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Monday, February 15, 2010

Submitted For Your Approval: Sandy Koufax Vs. Twins - 1965 World Series Game 7, 9th

This one is new to me too! Wonderful, wonderful clip, so much a feast to the eyes, and I hope it's an eye opener for those of you who never got to see a game at the old Metropolitan Stadium. It's got: live action shots of Tony Oliva, Harmon Killebrew, Earl Battey, Bob Allison, Billy Martin, and, of course, the great Koufax!! Throwing his fastball exclusively, at that. Then too, the ambience of the Met, the batters backdrop, the stellar announcing of Twins announcer Ray Scott, how the Dodgers leave the field after the last out with a relative lack of HOO-HAH! [technically speaking] compared to modern World Series Celebrations with the piling on, sprinkling bubbly, overturning / torching city transit vehicles. Enjoy - Twinkler Out!

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Look closely, and you'll see the boater hats in the crowd, like the one I've got on in the profile pic!