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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bad Bad Bad News! Closer Nathan Has Issues With Torn Ulnar Colateral Ligament Damage In Elbow!

It was reported a few minutes ago on AM1500 by veteran reporter Jim Souhan that top closer Joe Nathan of the Minnesota Twins has a damaged ligament in his elbow, as revealed by cat scan and MRI yesterday.

Generally this means that a player with this development will need to miss the season with surgery, rest and rehabilitation.  In any event, not a happy situation for our home team!

The team at this moment figures to be scrambling for substitutes.  There are minor leaguers just at the cusp of major league readiness, like Rob Delaney, Anthony Slama, et. al., or established guys like Jose Mijares, or even past starters like Francisco Liriano and Glen Perkins.

Either way, its a tall task for any one to take his place, as he is perhaps the best closer in team history.  Stay tuned for updates!

Twinkler out (if not down)!

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