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Friday, March 5, 2010

Historic Mauer Contract Signing "Imminent"!!

Not to be labeled rash and as one who posts indiscriminately, I'd like nonetheless to be rash and indiscriminate by going on record and saying the Twins will sign Joe Mauer within the next 72 hours to a contract extension. 

That is based upon the fact that Joe Mauer's agent, Ron Shapiro of Baltimore, has been seen loitering about the Twins spring training camp holding a fancy ball point pen and official-looking forms with blank lines flanked by dollar signs - leading me to think he's trying to forge a deal to sign the Twins star to a multiyear contract. And upon the fact that the blogs and radio shows are lighting up with chatter about the matter.

Rumors that the Twins were trying to annex the BCA in Mauer's name and a license to cut to the front of the line at all Minnesota Dairy Queens as a means to convince him that staying in Minnesota is his best move haven't been substantiated.

 Tim Kurkjian, ESPN Baseball reporter, had a number of nice things in his latest published piece to say about Joe, presumably beyond the "Joe as 'Baby Jesus'" blather you hear bandied about the Twins blogs and call in shows.

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