"I liked him. He snapped the ball out in left field, a rocket. Really quick feet over there, quick action. A live body, for sure. Took some good rips up there.” Twins Manager Ron Gardenhireon his one-game fill-in Eduardo Nunez. Nunez is normally an infielder, and was purchased from the New York Yankees because of his greater proficiency as a hitter over the incumbent Twins SS, Pedro Florimon. Time is likely ticking on the Florimon Era as the starter.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dave Boswell: March, 1966 Baseball Digest Twins Feature

(Update, Feb. 23, 2013: )
Hope you enjoy some old school writing above, plus this LIFE magazine story (hit next 1x, see contents, go to Sain story!) from Sept., 1965, about renowned Twins pitching coach Johnny Sain - cool piece on the man, so far ahead of his times! He pointedly mentions Dave Boswell and Jim Merritt. Fascinating guy! Former Twins star right hander Dave Boswell passed away on Monday, June 11. I hope to piece on the greatest game he ever pitched.


As the old broadcaster ended his post games:
"So long, everybody!" (Herb Carneal)
- TT

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Bob said...


I'm thinking it was '69 ALCS game two vs. the Orioles.

Looking forward to reading that story.

My favorite memory about Dave Boswell was that Billy Martin gave him a black eye. Things like that don't happen much anymore.