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The Naming of The Twins: Nov. 26, 1960

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Friday, June 15, 2012

An Outsider's View Of The Twins Logo

Jason Iannone produced this assessment of the hallowed Twins logo in a hilarious piece, "Top 10 Ridiculous Old-Timey Sports Logos" at Love it, laugh at it, lambast it, but in any event, it proves an interesting take on our Minnesota Twins choice of logo. His bits on other teams in the list are even funnier, in my humble opinion (see San Diego Padres, Boston Celtics). What follows is a direct lift from that site:

9. Minnesota Twins, 1961-1969

"Talk about dedication to a name; the logo for the Twins used to actually be freakin’ twin brothers. Well, theoretically anyway. Stare for more than five seconds and you’ll realize the two look nothing alike besides being white; their faces and shape of their heads are completely different from one another. And why do they feel the need to shake hands over the river? It’s the tiniest river of all-time, and either of them could just crush that bridge and step over the water at any time. No need to reach over like it’s a sacred border of some sort."
As our Hall Of Fame broadcaster ended his postgames:
"So long everybody!" (Herb Carneal)
- TT

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