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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Minnesota Twins Camera Day - 1965

"How'd I get here with these little short pants white boys?  Is the Family Von Trapp on break from the set of "Sound of Music"?, catcher Battey seems to be saying.  Young Hans and Franz and Kurt appear highly pleased.

The other day I was rummaging around in the dusty, old treasure chest up in the attic of Minnesota Twins relics past, and came across this photo and others of similar vintage from the trove.  The ocassion, near as can be deciphered, is an outtake from Camera Day, circa 1965.

Twins All-Star Catcher Earl Battey appears slightly verklempt  posing with the adorable lads on the first base line at the Met.  One of the giveaways on the year might be the fact that the left field grandstand is still not completed.  That wouldn't be in the can until just before the All-Star game, held that year in Minnesota.

More of these from the set will be appearing at intervals.  Hope you enjoy the common, Kodak prints that would be similar in format with the white edges until well into the '70's.

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