"I liked him. He snapped the ball out in left field, a rocket. Really quick feet over there, quick action. A live body, for sure. Took some good rips up there.” Twins Manager Ron Gardenhireon his one-game fill-in Eduardo Nunez. Nunez is normally an infielder, and was purchased from the New York Yankees because of his greater proficiency as a hitter over the incumbent Twins SS, Pedro Florimon. Time is likely ticking on the Florimon Era as the starter.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rally 'Round The Flag Boys - The Twins Raise It High, 1966!

Cool picture I decided to post.  Decided to publish while I take forever for my '68 Twins Post To resolve!  Don't criticize, great art takes time!  Uh, sure Twinkler, sure...

This event most likely occured in April, 1966, involving, left to right: Twins Manager Sam Mele, 1965 MVP Zoilo Versalles, Harmon Killebrew, Earl Battey, Jim "Mudcat" Grant and '65 American League Batting Champion, Tony Oliva.  The expressions very much appear genuine - guys sharing in the joy of a shared experience, having played together in the 1965 World Series the previous autumn.

I'm partial to the cool Metropolitan Stadium grandstand background, under what looks to be a cold, gray, spring sky.  How's that for vintage mint?  Except for the scratch marks at knee level in the photo, it's really exceptional!

Twinkler Out!


Jim Barleycorn said...

Where is Ted Uhlander in the photo at the right with The Big Boys of The Early Twins?


Getting a pinch of 'backy in the clubhouse with Sir Rodney.