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A Maestro At First: Trading For Vic Power, April 2, 1962

Monday, March 15, 2010

What Comes Around Goes Around: Twins To Offer Schweigert Hotdogs Again!!

Now that the Twins have left the dome, they've also left behind Hormel, and the Domedog.  "The Times They Are a-Changin," as Baseballin' Bob Dylan sang. 

But this is no reason to cry and become a little girly man, unless it's for nostalgic purposes!

The Twins have "repartnered" with Schweigert's, and will sell four different products from the distributor again this year this year. Hope you enjoy the July, 1962 Twins game program ad., with the famous scoreboard and clock in the background.

Who would have thought Merv Griffin got his start hawkin' dogs?

Super duper interesting  details about the back to the future hotdog at the Twins official home  page.

Twinkler Out!

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