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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Twins Twinkler Visits Target Field For The First Time! Twins Victorious, Take it 5-1

Suffice it to say, for buddy Al and I to take in the spectacle that is Target Field, it's akin to Gomer and Goober viewing Barbara Eden sashay down the streets of downtown Mayberry: "Well Gollll-yyy, Aunt Bea never looked like that...SHIZZAM!"  The panorama  below (the first things seen, once past the gates) of the video board, team logo, and the incredibly well done layout had us staring like hicks.  And we didn't care...check out the images!.  Click on them for a better image, esp. Twins logo in centerfield!

Definitely, we did find ourselves pinching ourselves to the point of joyous discomfort, after enduring 28 years of the stifling, dull Metrodome.  The visual perfection and acuity of the hi-def video scoreboard was enough for us to fill our drawers.  Figuratively speaking, that is.  And the picture really doesn't do it justice, with the starting Twins lineup.

Truly, one of the really outstanding things about TF are all the niche seating areas for fans to gravitate towards.  We loved the centerfield area in particular.  And the right field geometric pattern layout of the seating, sort of a truncated triangle:

Just look at the fat guys, Minnie & Paul!  In the end, it may very well be that we'll remember the oversize Twins baseball cards posted as windscreens above the highway overpass.  An incredible conversation piece, taking in the sweep of 50 years of Twins history - I believe they represented every Topps Twins card from the 1961 set. 

Al singlehandedly depleted the food services of what was surplus stock, seen here ready to inhale pizza,etc.

Starter Kevin Slowey pitched a solid 8 innings.  Here he is playing long toss in the outfield before the game.

I plan on a part two feature to augment this post later this week with additional photos.  Thanks for viewing!

Twinkler out!

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