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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Friday Visit To Ye Olde Ballyard - Twins 2, Rangers 1

NOTE: videos starting with a loud CRACK when clicking play, as if a ball is meeting bat! You may want to keep volume low at first!
Above video: "Walks Will Haunt" - favorite cheesy graphic from Metrodome Days!

Secret surveillance photo of daughter...

A wonderful night seeing our Twins with my wonderful girl! Brother Jimmy got us tickets in the upper right field corner. And as the cliche goes, there are no bad seats at Target Field [exception: when you have to take a dump]. Our view was facing the pitcher's mound / second base area, marking it as a huge upgrade over the Dome.
On a night almost totally devoid of offensive firepower, there were still memorable events to stash away in memory. With Emma's birthday coming up, this was one nice way to celebrate. Plus, the beautiful night, the sellout crowd, funny situations caught on video.
Below video: Ian Kinsler's apparent homerun off Kevin Slowey gets overturned by umpires! Hah!
Click on hardhat guy photo - fish is a riot!
Then, I took panoramic shots, pictures like the '61 Hotdog vendor, one of Emma, the fish on a hardhat guy. Not great quality, but I like them. BTY: Mauer threw out the Rangers' top base stealer, Elvis Andrus with perfect peg; this prompted the videoboard staff to put up the MLB Playstation clip of the rueful man intoning "WELL PLAYED, MAUER," - causing us to turn to one another and gutlaugh!
Blissful stuff for memory, made all the better for The Twins Twinkler what with his girl enjoying it with him. I told her to focus on a player, or else you miss whole game gawking at sights!
Next two videos: first, view from right field plaza / second: postgame light display in outfield

Check the video taken from the right field plaza area while on restroom break. This goofy guy jumps in front of my scenery, amusing gesturing follows! Drunk horses rump!

I may decide to post more videos later!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend - May Your Taters Fly Far...
Twinkler Out!

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