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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Target Field Fireworks!

No, I didn't take in the 'works last night, in person.  That was left to my old friend, The Gypsy, AKA: lead guitarist Al of the Twin Cities Band Communist Daughter, whose music was featured prominently between innings at the ballgame.  Here's a link from the knuckleballs blog with some excellent fireworks shots.

BTY, Twins bested the Rays of Florida, 2-1 on Friday night.  Way to go Delmon Young, Dan Valencia and Scott Baker!

My plan is to post a feature on Rod Carew, from the "Remember" series, plus a "Game of The Week" post.  See if you can guess who'll be spotlighted in that one, from a June, 1977 contest.  Three guesses!

Have a great July 4th weekend everyone!

May your taters and bottle rockets fly far,
Twinkler Out!

"The Magician With The Bat"---

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