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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Snapshots From Twins Territory: Mudcat Grant: "I Did It My Way"

Jim Grant: capturing a proud, man at his zenith, circa spring
training, 1965.  It was the summer he won 21 games - the first
African-American to win 20 or more in major league history!
" Live simple. Live prayerful. And never ask more from a person than you would expect from yourself, " is the philosphy of life that James "Mudcat" Grant lived by. I love the picture of him at the left! He was a Twin from 1964 to 1967.

Heavily influenced by his mother, Iba, Jim Grant was perhaps the most multi-dimensional being the Twins ever had.  Musican, author ( his book, The Black Aces, publ. in 2006), athlete, philosopher - he was quite the package.

He distinguished himself very well when visiting Minnesota in 2005 for the 40th Anniversary weekend of the 1965
championship year.  He sang the National Anthem for one of the games.

There is a fine, Cool of the Evening website of author Jim Thielman that does a much better job than I can at capsulizing the man Grant. 

Fine video of Grant in his hey day at Metropolitan Stadium!

May Your Taters Fly Far! Twinkler Out!

Jim Grant,1972 Topps Card:
when Joe Mauer grows
mutton chops like this,
I'll situp and take notice!

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TWINS TWINKLER! (so named as "TT" was title of player features in game programs of 1960's) said...

Hey guys, after the short video is over, make sure you take in other neat 1:1 interview videos with Mudcat, speeches...the dude is one wise cat! Interesting take on Lebron James!