"I liked him. He snapped the ball out in left field, a rocket. Really quick feet over there, quick action. A live body, for sure. Took some good rips up there.” Twins Manager Ron Gardenhireon his one-game fill-in Eduardo Nunez. Nunez is normally an infielder, and was purchased from the New York Yankees because of his greater proficiency as a hitter over the incumbent Twins SS, Pedro Florimon. Time is likely ticking on the Florimon Era as the starter.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Denard And The Twins Clinch Am. League Central!!!

No, he's not auditioning for a role in "Cheech n' Chong UP in Smoke Part IV."
Heckuva game for Denard and the boys last night! Rally in 8th, coupled with
White Sox LOSS in Oakland assured them of a spot in the ALDS!
Due to late time of the Chicago loss in Oakland last night, Twins players didn't have long to celebrate due to the early wake up time for today's game.  A much different scenario may have taken place had there been a happy hour (or two) for the players to make mischief. To quote Star Tribune Twins beat writer LaVelle E. Neil: "With no game on Thursday things might have reached The Hangover level, complete with tigers, chickens and nude men locked inside trunks of cars."

Here's hoping it wasn't too late a night for our boys, celebrating
their win! 12:10 start to today's tilt against Cleveland. Whatever,
it probably made it difficult for the Spanner to make morning
church services today!

May Your Taters Fly Far!
Twinkler Out