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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ace Writer Joe Posnanski Dishes On Our Twins, Target Field & Jim Thome For Sports Illustrated!

Jim Thome at Target Field, Sept. 21, 2010 issue of SI
Observing the fashions of other middle age men helps me avoid the Fashion Faux Paus Black Hole, despite what my thirteen-year old daughter may tell you. And I'm not talking about black socks and Bermuda shorts.

To wit: I can't tell you how many times this past summer I've seen some of my fellow over-the-hill gangers running shirtless for exercise. Or worse yet, sporting lycra (form-fitting) shorts.  It's as if they're admiring their own body in the mirror before heading out, laughing that fake Frenchman's laugh "Ah-hoah-hoah-hooah, leet de weeman see my beautiful body az I glii-iide past.  Hu-hu-hooooah!"

Gentlemen, please.  You're not ripped like Lance Armstrong. You have abs like the Pillsbury're embarassing yourself, your wives, children, girlfriends, and probably your house pets.  Especially you guys more wolf-manly than the rest of us skinny, hairless breeds. Stop it. Now.

By way of comparison, Joe Posnanski (see"The Cover," blog link) avoids the sports writing faux paus of hyperbole, overuse of cliches (i.e., "Jim Thome is hitting like a beast" - uh, great stuff...), and instead writes with insight and good research.  He grasps how hard it is to play the game at a high level.  He treats players with respect, and isn't a "homer" (his passion for the K.C. Royals, though obvious, is understated, and never annoying).

Another 500 Homerun guy playing for a team in the midwest,
 Eddie Mathews:inaugural edition of SI, Aug. 16, 1954
Thanks for revisiting a wonderful template, SI!

There's a ton of great reactions to the SI cover photo in the link above. The mag hit the stands today, and by all means, take a gander on Joe's take and that of his fans at his blog. If you like good writing and Twins info, don't miss this one!

Or at least buy a copy for the Twins fanatic in your family. They'll be indebted to you forever! Or at least be too busy reading to not go running shirtless.

That Minneapolis skyline above is lookin' pretty hot! I predict this cover will really do a lot to download the Target Field image into the nation's collective mindset!  

May Your Taters Fly Far!
Twinkler Out!

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