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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not To Sound Critical, But, Geez, Kent Hrbek Sure Is Lookin' Puffy...

This video feature from Fox North from last weekend festivities at Target Field sure had some neat moments from the Twins Legends Game, as part of the 50th Anniversary Weekend celebration.

 And to be sure, that game was also memorable for the freakish spectacle caused by our favorite little Bloomington Kennedy alum, Kent Hrbek. While chasing a Gene Larkin foul, gentleman Kent bored a collie-sized divot in foul territory.  Behold:

Rumors that Kent is being contacted by organizers of the coming ice age to
gouge out new river beds and landforms in Minnesota are completely untrue.
Here's to Kent embracing the idea that being a sportsman can also include activity that burns megacalories, and not just arcing a flycast rod over the waters of Itasca. Love ya, ya big lug!

May your taters fly far,
Twinkler Out

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