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The Naming of The Twins: Nov. 26, 1960

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snapshots From Twins Territory: Bill James Recalls Dustup Between Earl Battey & Camilo Pascual

Famed baseball statistician guru and historian Bill James recalls this episode from a Twins game at Kansas City's Municipal Stadium in the middle 1960's, when the home team was still named the "Athletics," and not yet the expansion Royals:

"At one point in the contest, there seemed to be a mixup between Earl Battey and Camilo Pascual. Battey appeared to want Pascual to throw something other than what the Cuban Curveballer had in mind. After every pitch, Battey would throw the ball back harder and harder- harder than Pascual was pitching it, in fact. This continued on for several minutes, and a buzz had started in the grandstand over what was going on. Odd, because they were known to be good friends, the amiable Pascual and the Twins field general behind the plate. I tried to find out later what the matter was, but never did learn exactly what their differences were that day." 
Snapshot of Pascual, early 1960's springtraining.
Sam Mele & Camilo Pascual

Battey in the moment that would spell the downturn of his career
 - injured against railing in the 1965 World Series in L.A.
Recalling the old pro behind the mic, signing off after game broadcasts, I say:
"So long everybody!" (Herb Carneal)

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