Saturday, May 14, 2011

Harmon Killebrew: Life And Its Unfairness

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The finest, like Harmon Killebrew, leave a glowing path of hope and blessings behind them, there to encourage us long after they've gone. We follow their path with a renewed belief in the goodness of other people, elevating their needs and concerns above our own.

1969 Topps Card

 Honestly, there's not much more I'm up to saying right now, this cold morning on the day after Harmon  announced he was resigned to his fate. He is entering hospice care five months after the initial diagnosis of his esophageal cancer.  I hope I can add a few words, concerning the first time I ever saw Harmon Killebrew play baseball.  Coming shortly is an entry in the continuing Twins Game of The Week series at this site. It will conjur the sights, sounds and smells of the July 29, 1969 Twins doubleheader vs. Detroit. A snapshot taken during the greatest year of a gentle man they called The Killer.

                                                  Doctor Discusses Killebrew, Hospice Care:

Keep the faith, fellow Twins and baseball fans! Brighter days of hope are coming!

So long for now everybody.
As Herb Carneal would say: "...and the count rides along." - TT

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Evan Bladh said...

I'm so sorry to read of this news. I can't think of a more respected gentleman that ever played the game. Harmon Killebrew is simply put, "a great man." Twins fans should take pride that he represented your club with such dignity and class. When he announced that he would be fighting esophageal cancer back in December, I wrote this post over at my site.

Harmon's written messages was perhaps the most eloquent, courageous and emotional statement I have read since the Lou Gehrig farewell speech at Yankee Stadium.

You have a wonderful site. Thank you for your kind comments over at my blog.