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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goodbye, Old Friend! Harmon Killebrew: 1936 - 2011

In honoring Harmon Killebrew, give a listen to these soundfiles from Minnesota Public Radio, published on May 17, 2011 (ADDED, JAN. 7, 2012):

Harmon Killebrew, batting at Met Stadium, 1970
[To] the great will be missed but never forgotten. The world changes and goes by without so much as a thought about the past, but baseball is the one constant; it has brought this country through many a tough time. Pure, simple and forever enjoyable to those who see it for what it is, a game.

 - Mark Hanson, St. Peter, Minn.

For all of us who admired this truly fine man, this is a sad day. That is merely an understatement.  I'm pleasantly amazed at the outpouring of affection in the print media, television, and the internet for Harmon. Very fitting...I hope these thoughts and early impressions of Harmon serve you well. May they serve as a storehouse of memories, as we move forward in the days ahead!

Here's a famous episode of "Homerun Derby," that wonderfully popular show that aired on January 30, 1960. It was the fourth show ever in the series, filmed after the 1959 season. It pitted the young Harmon against the great Mickey Mantle. No - I won't tell you who won!

I wish all the great blessings and the comfort of God be conferred upon Harmon's family this day. A friend posted a wonderful music video about Harmon a short time ago.  I think you may like it.

The Killer: at spring training, Tinker Field,
Orlando, Florida, in the 1960's

As Herb Carneal put it: "...and the count rides along." - TT

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