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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bert Blyleven: 1971 Scorecard "Twins Twinkler" Feature

Jim Perry, 1971 Scorecard 
[Another in the 2011 Bert Blyleven Hall of Fame Series]

Before The Sporting News - or Sports Illustrated - or any other syndicated publication got wind of Bert Blyleven...

"Wind" in a manner of speaking... could only count on local and regional Twins publications to hype the talents of our curveballing prankster.

Enjoy this spread, complete with ads, from a 1971 Twins scorecard, a "Twins Twinkler" player feature.

To remind: "Twins Twinkler" was a staple feature in Twins scorecards dating back to the first season in 1961.

See link to view another great curveballer in Twins history in his "Twins Twinkler" spread!

(click to read isolated image)
Personable. Poised. Not yet publicly profane. And a curveball that made batters pee their pants. 

His life's possibilites, prodigious. Thus, I end my pain in the posterior alliterations.

As our old friend Herb would sign off: "So long, everybody!" - TT

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