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A Maestro At First: Trading For Vic Power, April 2, 1962

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Participate in Hall of Fame Poll: Oliva, Kaat, Tiant, Hodges, Minoso, Santo or Reynolds?

Your input is desired at the Classic Twins Facebook page. Would love to see who the favorites are before the vote! Vote early, vote often, and get your cigs at the door!

You should check out the new Hall of Fame ELO Player Ratings system at BBRef. It looks to be a fairly objective system of rating the best players in history. Now that I think of it, I should probably have made this the latest link of the week. I believe I will make it happen!

TOP ROW, L-R: Ken Boyer, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Minnie Minoso, Charley Finley.
BOTTOM: Allie Reynolds, Ron Santo, Luis Tiant, Tony Oliva, Buzzie Bavasi.
(SUPER good size available for view, click image)
As our Hall of Broadcaster Herb Carneal would say: "So long everybody!" - TT

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