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The Naming of The Twins: Nov. 26, 1960

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coming Post: Twins "Mystery" Player #1

Mystery Twin playing for Orlando AA
of the Southern League in 1990 ( from
Twins Rally magazine, May, 1990).
Coming up at Classic Twins is a story about this Twins player from the 1990's. He would go on to become rookie of the year, a four time all-star, gold glove winner, to go with two silver slugger awards, and 3 top-twenty finishes in the MVP voting. His acting ability once helped the Twins win a World Series game.

He went from top of the heap in popularity, only to make the all-time "most despised" list of Twins players . His story makes him one of the most improbable and intriguing personalities in franchise history. He was also the focal point of one of the most bizarre games ever played at the Metrodome.

To be posted later this week...

As our old friend Herb put it, I repeat: "So long everybody." - TT

Let's just say he was a" lock"
for immortality in Twins Territory!

If you couldn't figure out who this is, even with pictures, clues, etc., I'm assuming you probably can't remember the name of your first girlfriend...don't feel bad, sometimes I can't either!

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