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Saturday, April 13, 2013

1975 Minnesota Twins Camera Day

Today we call attention to one of the early, annual promotions staged by the Minnesota Twins. Camera Day has been chronicled slightly here at Classic Twins in a previous, early post, and here we get the full-color treatment. Among the finer nuggets of Twins and baseball treasures found on ye olde public internet is this collection of Twins players from Camera Day at the Met, before the Sunday, Sept. 14, 1975 game. 

I think it's cool for the glimpse of civilian clothing styles in vogue, the team's uniform of the mid-70's, and the simple beauty of a sunny day at Metropolitan Stadium. Plus, none of the players are unbelievably ripped and "top heavy" (see "Jose Canseco"), as would become common 20 years later. Normal, is the word I'm searching for.

 Rod CarewBert BlylevenLyman BostockLarry HisleTony Oliva Phil RoofGlenn BorgmannBill CampbellBill Butler, Porkchoppin' John Briggs,* Dave GoltzFrank QuiliciJoe Decker, and Danny Thompson are all here for perusal - at least, they're the ones I can ID. It's one of the excellent, vintage collections at snaebyllej2's Flickr photo share site - worth a look, take my word on that. It's one of the few examples of close proximity fans could hope to have with players back then, when Twitter and the internet, card shows, fan fests, and 24-hour cable sports were miles away on the horizon.

*All-time Twins leader, sideburn/facial hair category

As the great broadcasting professional Herb Carneal signed off, I say:
"So long, everybody.!" - TT

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