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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

1965 Twins Win 1st Pennant (Video) - 9th Inning

Our friends at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting have done it again, posting this beautiful, crisp video from the pennant clinching game of September 26, 1965 (BBRef.) at Washington's old D.C. Stadium, later renamed R.F.K. Stadium, the first home of the new Washington Nationals

I personally find this a joy, which is a little like saying the fox enjoys the occasional foray into the hen house. Twins / Green Bay Packers announcing legend Ray Scott is at center stage here, along with announcer Frank Buetel (in booth to call the ninth inning)  and the many greats of the 1965 Twins: Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, Jim Kaat, Bob Allison, Cesar Tovar, Camilo Pascual, Rich Rollins, Earl Battey, Mudcat Grant, Jim Perry etc*. Let yourself go, and see 'em as they were!
*Previous three create everlasting image with shaving cream and feather fedora after 35:30 mark 

"So long, everybody!" - Herb Carneal

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