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Eddie Rosario-Glory Hogs Spotlight-3 Homeruns Vs Mariners

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Last night, Eddie Rosario became the seventh Twins player to hit as many as three home runs in a game, in Minnesota's 20-7 bludgeoning of the Mariners (BBRef box). I would judge him the most unlikely one to do so, given that he was batting from the ninth place slot.

That last bit speaks to the relative confidence Manager Paul Molitor had in his ability to generate runs, based on his particularly unspectacular performance over his last ten games, with him batting .242, a .265 OBP, .227 BAbip, and 1 extra basehit in 33 at bats, all causing him to losing playing time in left field to Robbie Grossman. He becomes the second Twin leftfielder (Harmon Killebrew being the first, LOL!) to get the homer hat trick (MLB Video).

Player Date Opp Rslt AB R H HR WPA aLI BOP Pos Summary
EDDIE ROSARIO 2017-06-13SEAW 20-753430.244.3349LF
Brian Dozier2016-09-05KCRL 5-1153330.1491.42212B
Max Kepler2016-08-01CLEW 12-563430.343.5573RF
Justin Morneau2007-07-06 (2)CHWW 12-053330.308.43051B
Tony Oliva1973-07-03KCRL 6-753330.5491.2403DH
Harmon Killebrew1963-09-21 (1)BOSW 13-453330.125.3904LF
Bob Allison1963-05-17CLEW 11-453330.238.7044RF
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This is not a totally improbable event. Yes, he had played 270 games, and was past 1,000 plate appearances without having a two homer game, sure. But Eddie has drawn comparisons with Tony Oliva (I'm being serious here) and his fluid, spray-hitting swing earlier in his career, and his talent as such as a "pure" hitter is of a high degree. But he takes the "see ball - hit ball" ethic of the latter to such an extreme that he creates a much larger strike zone for pitchers, not being selective enough. That leads to prolonged slumps.

Be that as it may, baseball is nothing if not beautiful in its unpredictability. The previous night's 14-3 drubbing at the hands of these same Mariners would never have prepared one for this gaudy bonanza. I find it also notable that the game's starting lineup featured three of the seven Twins to bag three bombs in a game, Brian Dozier, herr Kepler, and Rosy. That's never happened before, of course. Oliva hit his three after Allison retired, three years previous.

Seriously, Eddie? Picking on poor (catcher turned pitcher) Carlos Ruiz?

The Twins blew past the previous franchise record for hits in a game, previously sitting at 25 in a 2002 game versus the Indians. In fact, the 28 were the 2nd most recorded in a game by one team in this century (Retrosheet link). Here are the top ten hit games in Twins/Senators history:

Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB Attendance GmLen
12017-06-13MINSEAW 20-75149202820519217,922184
22002-06-04MINCLEW 23-25750232561322714,029194
31994-06-04MINDETW 21-75749212430420523,780194
41977-05-25 (1)MINBOSW 13-553481324622133195
51925-07-18WSHCLEW 19-652441924531183119
62014-08-03MINCHWW 16-35850162331316723,471241
72003-06-19MINKCRW 16-25450162350316422,559161
81997-07-04MINMILW 13-15447132360313420,024185
91937-07-25 (1)WSHSLBW 16-1050481623512152142
101920-05-18WSHSLBW 17-852431723631165132
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