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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Easy-Going Slants of Jake Odorizzi

 Easy like Sunday morning, in fact. Meet new Twins free agent starter (Fangraphs), right hander Jake Odorizzi, signed by the team barely 24 hours ago. The phrase "rotation shot in the arm" never rang more true. [Photo below via Winslow Townson, AP]

Image result for jake odorizziOdorizzi should inspire about 10,000 words of description from Twins television analyst, Bert Blyleven this season. His usual cue card, bullet points will undoubtedly include such humdingers as "centers himself over the pitching rubber," "strides straight towards home plate," and "has a consistent release point," and last, but not least, the sure-fire "doesn't try to do too much." Which may all be true.

Witness the robotic quality of our fine, young automaton.


I'll sum it up as "economical simplicity." At least I'm consistent with my title.

Simplicity is a nice thing to have. As are reinforcements, especially for a pitching staff that was inspiring underwhelming reviews from scouts and Twins fans alike, as the Twins roll out of first gear in the first full-camp days of 2018 spring training.

So long, everybody! - Herb Carneal

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