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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Classic Minnesota Twins"? What's It All About?

Yes, I know there's a rather big Vikings NFC Championship game today,'s my first Twins blog! All shiny and buffed for your enjoyment and dining pleasure!

The Twinkler has been wondering what to delve into with this new blog site "Classic Twins." Too many subjects and so little time! Hope you like this image: pinch-hitter extroardinare Rich Reese frozen in time, from the 1969 Twins Yearbook. "GOT MILK?"

I suppose the first things I'll want to touch on in this year of our Lord 2010 is the Twins new Target Ballpark. And then, perhaps Joe Mauer, his sideburns and monotone delivery during milk commercials. And so on...

Mostly, this blog will be a disgustingly nostalgic look at Minnesota Twins past. Be it the exotic, no-hands fielding style of Willie Norwood, to the eccentric, pagan-like bat sniffing rituals of Carlos Gomez, it'll be a lighthearted look at all things Twins. With an occasional rant sometimes!

I'd love it if you left comments, clean ones. But if swearing is part of your lifestyle, try to keep it limited to phrases such as "ah shoot," or "golddang it anyhow," and things will be fine.

Speaking of poor Rich Reese - you'd think they'd have already bottled all that milk for all the patrons at the old Met Stadium, the pressure on that man! Bad enough he was the last out in Catfish Hunter's perfect game in '68 (, and also the record breaking 383rd strikeout in Nolan Ryan's historic season of 1973! (

Twinkler out...


Alan Weiers said...

Ok so, Topps had the monopoly on baseball cards at the time, but if I were a competing company, I would use the milking photo as Rich Reese's bubblegum card.
Didn't know about his dubious places in history. Good stuff, Buscher!

Did the Vikings play last weekend?


Wait till you see the previously unpublished photo of Brant Alyea berating Tony Oliva: "I was a star in Washington, and after I take your place, I'll be a SUPER star here, Old Man!"

No one has heard from or about him since...