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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jim Thome Signs With Twins For 2010!!

With the announcement today of Mr. Jim Thome's signing, Twins fans throughout the upper midwest were pinching themselves, no doubt remembering the bloody carnage the former Cleaveland Indian wrought against Twins pitchers in the past.
Rick Reed, the most prolific pitching victim of Thome's murderous rampages coyly declinedto comment on the transaction, with a sly arching of one of his eyebrows. Reports had him being contacted in connection with the new opening as Thome's personal batting practice pitcher.
Whatever transpires, he will probably be asked to stand in when the longtime Twins handshaking logo develops power failures atop the Target Field scoreboard, or just needs a reasonable facsimile to represent the Twin Cities.
Good Luck Paul, er, Jim!


Winter C said...

As just a casual fan, this definitely makes the Twins more interesting this year. For sure JT is gonna punish the sox for this snub, and I hope it is in dramatic fashion. Does this move make the twins the decided favorite in the division?


No,being a legit favorite will become a reality when the Twins A. acquire another top flight starting pitcher, or B. one of their stable of holdovers steps up (i.e., Francisco Liriano, Anthony Swarzak, et. al) and shows they're up to the task. Thome does provide instant protection in the lineup behind Mauer, Morneau, Kubel and Cuddyer.