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Saturday, January 30, 2010

With My Daughter At TwinsFest 2010!!

(photos: Joe Schmit interviewing Dick Jonkowski; Harmon Killebrew jersey, 1960s; Twins 1991 World Series trophy; Emma; Adam Lambert;Jim Perry portait purchased; Twinkler with Harmon's Hall of Fame plaque)

It was fun attending the Saturday, January 30, 2010 session of TwinsFest at the HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis. TwinsFest is a three day exhibition of Minnesota Twins players, coaches, and front office personnel, both past and current. There are autograph sessions, memorabilia sales, auctions and baseball activities for kids.

My daughter Emma wanted to attend with me, and I loved having her accompany me. She has been there with me before, but that was as a toddler, basically, traveling in a stroller.

I know she wanted to see the hoopla surrounding the Twins, but truth be told, I know she was more worked up about buying the debut album of Adam Lambert afterward (yes, THAT "Adam Lambert," the "eccentric" American Idol runnerup contestant from last season, not to be confused in any way, shape or form with former all-pro linebacker of the Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Lambert). I told her now I know she's turned to the Dark Side.
She asked me who a certain African-American gentleman was, signing autographs. After I few seconds, I excitedly offered, "Well, I...hey, that's coach Jerry White!," prompting her to give me a look as if she was hangin' with one of the bretheran at a Trekkie convention.

I also scored a near perfect Jim Perry portrait from the 1970 Twins Super Value Series, seen above. I heard from the vendor I bought from that Mr. Perry was at TwinsFest signing autos, but I never saw him - I estimate it was the most crowded I've seen this event in almost 20 years of attending. Hard enough to walk through the aisles, let alone locate anybody.

If you can go tomorrow, Sunday, I highly recommend it! Good stuff, and not just for Twins fanatics like me.

Twinkler out.
[note: my wonderful daughter should get all due credit for videos and photography in this post, with a mere three exceptions]

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Good lawd, but I look wretched! Am battling a cold at present. Returned home from Twins Feast, basically crash-landed in bed. Hope you enjoyed vids, photos!