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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Classic Twins Game of the Week: Killebrew Homers To Upper Deck, June 3, 1967

On this day in 1967, the Killer took California Angel pitcher Lew Burdette deep on a fluttering knuckle ball.  Burdette had been the World Series hero for the former Milwaukee Braves of 1957, winning 3 games all by himself [pretty selfish, I know].  But by now, he was very much on the way out, and would pitch in only a few more games before hanging up his jockstrap.

It was the first time a player had reached the Met Stadium upper deck (other than Rich Reese and a few usherettes), constructed in 1965.  It scored Rich Rollins (hit by pitch) and Rod Carew (who had singled) before Harmon's at bat. 

Casual estimates with sliderules and long division showed the ball had traveled over 520 feet, and would have reached Earth orbit sans the bleacher section.  By the way: Twins won, 8-6.The seat was painted the next day, and now is hung on the wall at the Mall of America amusement park now occupying the former stadium site.  The seat is reserved for loud, unruly children.

May YOUR taters fly far too!
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