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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ben Again! Revere Evokes Images of Kirby Puckett & Bo Jackson, August 22, 2010

Sometimes I think Ben is just a cartoon character like Bugs Bunny,
who can defy the law of physics with otherworldly prowess. And that
one day I'll wake up only to discover I dreamed the whole she-bang.
Ben Revere is fast becoming a household name. His catch off Vladimir Guerrero (MLB Video) of the Baltimore Orioles is his latest of several remarkable highlights in his rookie year.  It was hit off of Carl Pavano (as usual), and is evoking memories of Bo Jackson, what with his famous "wall walk" catch in old Yankee Stadium.  Not to downgrade Kirby Puckett's excellent catch in the 1991 World Series (game 6), but this one by Ben is definitely a notch ahead on the difficulty scale.

The minions at MLB video preface clip with a 15-second commercial. Those creeps.

 Of course, for sheer drama, no one will ever replace Puckett. His homerun to end
Game 6 in 1991 is  encoded in the majority of Minnesota sports fans' DNA:

Perhaps someday, like the Kennedy assassination video, MLB will agree
to release this clip to the general bloggin public. When they determine we're ready for it.
As our old friend at the mic, Herb Carneal, used to say: "...And the count rides along." - TT

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