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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Swingers: Jimmie Hall

A click of the photo renders larger version, for a look at quaint caption!

Something tells me Jimmie Hall wasn't trying to inside out a pitch to left field, in this 1963 action shot. Though only listed at 6' tall and 175 pounds, he generated considerable power. Until Mark McGwire came along, Hall's 33 HR blasts in '63 was the all-time benchmark for rookies. 

He, along with 5 other Twins, slapped the Athletics senseless in a June, 1966 game (see post). I would rate him and Joe Mauer as the best lefty swingers, stylistically, in the history of the team in Minnesota.

As that old professional, Herb Carneal, used to end his broadcasts, I say:
"So long, everybody!" - TT

Originally published 3/23/12 - 7:13 PM

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