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Thursday, February 4, 2010

All-Star Hudson Rumored Ready To Sign On With Twins!!

As if to rebuke the Minnsota Twins fans assertions that he is cheap, General Manager Billy Smith and his "braintrust" appear to be hot on the trail of former Dodger second baseman Orlando Hudson.

Taking a break from his Del Monte snackpack and cheese and cracker dipper, Smith angrily asserted "If these Monday morning general managers think they can push me around and call me a tightwad, they've think another got coming..." before pulling himself together with a deep, cleansing breath.

Continuing, he vented: "We just might have a few more suprises under our bonnet!! Secretary, if Christenson calls me back again, tell him he can take a hike! The nerve of that guy, implying the coffee boy pulled the trigger with Thome's agent while I was on the crapper!!"

Meanwhile, the Aaron gleeman types of the blog world have gone "en fuego" over the realization that a few choice arrows at Smith just might produce results. CMathewson over at TwinkieTown is readying a piece on how even the worst GM's in history were more bold than Billy on his best day AND that he'd never ever have the guts to sign Orlando AND demote Nick Punto to the minors AND pull off a trade to pick up NL Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants.

"It doesn't hurt to try," winked the veteran Twin Cities blogger.

Meanwhile, the Twins are making it extremely hard for All-Universe catcher Joe Mauer to still believe the Twins won't be aggressive in adding talent to the roster. It is widely believed by his fellow players that Mauer is predicating his signing with the Twins with tangible signs that they're doing more than just stockpiling draft picks.

Meanwhile, Twins fans are pinching themselves over the prospects of landing Hudson, who along with impressive on-base totals and defensive abilities also dabbles in movie star impressions, shown above breaking into his "I Am Christopher Lambert as the immortal 'Highlander'"spoof, a ploy he's used for years to distract pitchers and infielders to laughter, and then gunning basehits past the cowed opposition.

Stay tuned for a possible signing announcement!!


Twinkler out!

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