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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Deceased Hall of Famer Ty Cobb Evaluates Team Twinkler Cats' Baserunning Skills!

Classic Twins secured the services of the ghost of Ty_Cobb (The "Georgia Peach") in evaluating our household's cat burlars baserunning skills! Nothing like the withering criticism of the esteemed graduate of Satans Baseball Academy For Boys to inspire our troops towards improved play!

Yes, the curmudgeonly baseball great gave his thoughts, good and bad (OK, more of one than the other) on the state of our cats' stealing abilities. But here goes!

"This wretched beast seems a bit skittish about leading off the bag. Aggressive runners take a good stride and a half, and square off facing the moundsman...a Nervous Nellie!"

"This furry fellow appears to like the ladies, or is focusing on the post game spread. Too bad! Seems to possess cat-like reflexes, but until he can focus on the game, he'll be nothing but a yannigan [an early 20th century term for a bench warmer]."

"Again, he's far too lackadaisical. Dim, unintelligent expression on his face makes him appear eager to lay down in the dugout, and take a long nap!"

This feline appears to be trying to rip the base from its mooring, so as to raise it high in triumph. Must've witnessed Rickey-Henderson doing just that after beating my stolen base record by about 20. Another glory stomper.!"

Below: "Now that's better! Yes she may have slid in short of the bag (a la Willie Mays Hays in the movie "Big League") but at least she's giving it the old Pete Rose head first try!"

Cobb departed in a huff after dispensing his wisdom. Unfortunately, he keeps on peaking in the front picture window of our home, creeping out the cats further! Break out the life size blow up doll of Babe Ruth - that ought to disgust him into leaving!

Twinkler Out!

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