Sunday, July 10, 2011

All-Star Flashback: Bert Blyleven Against Bad Henry, 1973

In capsule, Bert was
  • 12-9 at the time of the All-Star Game
  • 4 of those losses were by 1 run
  • He had already thrown 5 shutouts.
  • Season record: 20-17
  • 258 strikeouts
  • 325 Innings pitched. 

Bert and the man who was about to overtake The Babe.

1973 Topps Card

Bert at Royals Stadium, 1973

 My main memory of Bert from that 1973 All-Star Game at spankin' new Royals Stadium was his pitching against Henry Aaron. In Bert's one inning of pitching (3rd) Bad Henry hit a hard grounder through the left side of the infield, scoring Joe Morgan. Meanwhile, Cesar Cedeno greedily tried going first to third, only to be thrown out by Bobby Murcer's peg to the great Brooks Robinson. Bill Singer came in to relieve Bert in the next inning. Bert was tagged with the loss, and charged with a blown save. 

Versus Cesar Cedeno

Here's Bert's take on his '73 appearance. Click image to play.
For, the record, Bert didn't face Johnny Bench in that inning,
despite his words to the contrary. It is, after all, 38 years ago.
Let's see you remember anything perfectly after that long a time.

To quote the great Herb Carneal "...and the count rides along."-TT

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