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Friday, July 1, 2011

Jim Grant: Trailblazing Ace In Twins History

In this 2010 video while in Fargo, Jim Grant explains how he earned his nickname

Besides his multi-faceted personality, one of the things I've always appreciated about the Mudcat was his nifty, economical windup. There was no wasted motion, and he hid the ball well before whipping it towards homeplate. I think it's great that he has become an iconic figure in Twins history. You can read The Sporting News feature on Grant from Oct. 1, 1965 for a pre-World Series look at the Twins newest pitching sensation.

Jim is famous for sending that World Series to Game Seven in 1965 with his pitching and batting, as seen in this newspaper link from the Oct. 14 edition of the Sarasota Herald Tribune. Above and below are two expandable articles from The Sporting News, plus an April, 1965 column on Grant.  Together, they form a fascinating look into his character.

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In the Sid Hartman piece, it's pretty evident Grant was not a guy to put up with any crap, racist, elitist, or otherwise. This is another insight into the thought process of an up-front Black man from 1960's America. Below is a video from local, Minneapolis TV, and presents the stirring rendition of "What A Wonderful World" by Mudcat at the Harmon Killebrew Memorial from May, 2011.

As Herb Carneal would say "...and the count rides along." - TT

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